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Further documentation is available here. Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? This page was last edited on 6 December 2017, at 14:14. Facing a regulatory crackdown in multiple jurisdictions, earlier this month Ponzi mastermind Phil Ming Xu publicly 777 real time binary options trading review that he was giving up his WCM777 empire.

Other than asking people to sign up as affiliates, details were scarce. With Vizinova being marketed as Global Unity’s product line, it follows on that contrary to what Xu published on Twitter, he’s still very much involved in the scheme. A Spanish version of Vizinova’s official compensation plan was made public yesterday, in which it appears Vizinova will pick up where WCM777 left off. At the time of publication an English version of the compensation plan has yet to be released, so I’m unable to provide a formal review of the plan. Binary commissions and various other affiliate bonus incentives also feature in the plan.

Although what the facade product is this time around I’m still not entirely sure on. Meanwhile Xu is believed to be under SEC investigation for his part in running WCM777 and its later incarnations. Liu has reportedly disappeared with a large percentage of affiliate investor money, leaving Xu to face US regulators alone. The current status of the investigations into WCM777 and Xu are unknown but believed to be ongoing. Sources reveal that Xu has been trying to distance himself from WCM777, with Xu trying to negotiate a fine in the place of jail time due to his overall lack of involvement in the day-to-day running of WCM777.

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As per the information above, Xu’s masterplan to shirk any legal repercussions appears to hinge largely on the SEC not having basic internet access at their offices. Phil Ming Xu arrested in China? This development was not on my radar yet but a couple of others are. Will share if they pan out. Can you send me the Spanish language plan so I can have my assistant translate? It seems that you have all this port completely wrong.

I’ve seen many posts you have and they appear to be right but in this particular case, EVERYTHING IS WRONG! There is NOT ROI AT ALL. People who don’t sell, DON’T GET PAID. There is not shared profit. People are NOT encourage to invest waiting for ROI.

It has been seen that GTX680 is almost 2x faster in clouds when compared to GTX580 and using high IQ — saw really no performance difference and no difference in VRAM usage. While maintaining lower 777 real time litecoin markets reddit options trading review. FSX is a resource hog. CPU: i5 4670 to be OC to 4. If you google and read about it, what settings in NI for AA are correct is also dependable on which Nvidia GPU you have. 0 tweak with the FFTF successfully, the trial time limit has expired. I don’t use Autogen, another bunch of people wanting something for nothing.

Products are sold at competitive prices compared to the market. I would encourage you before you post this report, to wait for all the info as up today, company IS NOT OPENED NOT RECEIVING MONEY FROM PEOPLE AS ALL INFO HAS NOT YET BEEN PUBLISHED. Please make sure to have fair reviews based on reliable sources and not only cheap blogs such as the one you used to create this post! I quoted a Vizinova affiliate site. If you’re working with Vizinova corporate, please provide information on who is running the company. So what are affiliates pumping in money for exactly?

Obviously it has been published if non-English speaking affiliates are discussing it. Feel free to send me an English explanation of the compensation and I’ll gladly review it. But please don’t pretend the information isn’t out there. Company will publish all info in the next 48hours.

I highly encourage you if you are really professional as you seem to be not to assume those people are affiliates AS THEY ARE NOT AT ALL. Here are the MLM Laws in the US, we understood them and followed them! Here is something you might find useful in the meantime while we put out all info! Once again, please don’t relate our company to that person as it will be considered as Defamation. Seems to me to be an affiliate site, it’s plastered in Vizinova marketing material. And why can’t you just spit it out now?

People out there use all types of ways to hurt new companies. Why would it be so hard to wait 1-2 days before assuming we are part of that person who in my perspective stole from many people? The Spanish version was released first because one of the headquarters of the company is in Mexico. Once again sorry for grammar, I’m just typing fast! Really, you’re going to play the victim here. It hasn’t been a few days, I noted it last week. Some of the articles on that affiliate blog are a few weeks old.