Buy ventolin inhalers from spain

Posted: mexboy Date: 10-Feb-2019
The cost of <i>inhalers</i> for asthma -

The cost of inhalers for asthma -

This might have been asked before im sorry if it has but why do the turbohalers now come in spanish ?! and when you get of of costa they give you salomol insterad of ventolin ? im quite confused so somebody help me please because my symbicort instead of saying 200/12 like it normally does it says 160/9 ? Hi, I am autonomo and at the farmacia I was charged the whopping fee of 30centimos for each inhaler. I laughed when she said the price, she then verified it by phone. cheers I dont use them myself but a while back one of my friuends in the UK asked me to buy him some. Can't recall the exact price but was as cheap as chips compared to what he was paying. He asked me to bring him suitcase full back the next time We had no problem with getting them from the local Farmacia..told them what I wanted and they obliged - no prescription. In fact, it's just made me wonder what drugs you do need a prescription for in Spain? However, has anyone else noticed how much less effective they are than the blue ones? I or my OH have managed to get all sorts over the counter The only medicine so far we have had problems getting without a prescription is atropina, they are also tightening up on antibiotics now and seems to be luck whether we can get them or not without a prescription.i pay €1.20 for an inhaler. I now get someone to post me one from England, as and when i need one. I don't understand why they are giving you a different coloured one as they usually have different ingredients. Maybe try another Farmacia or ask your doctor to do a prescription specifically for Ventolin.

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Buy ventolin inhalers from spain
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