Call option as predictors of stock prices

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We examine the information content of option and equity volumes when trade direction is unobserved. In a call option as predictors of stock prices asymmetric information model, equity short-sale costs result in a negative relation between relative option volume and future firm value. S is a stronger signal when short-sale costs are high or option leverage is low.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Finance Workshop, and the 2010 Western Finance Association Meetings, especially our discussant Gideon Saar, for their helpful comments and suggestions. We also thank Data Explorers for graciously providing us with institutional lending data. Does Option Market Volume Signal Bad News? They stated the «volatility index, to be named Sigma Index, would be updated frequently and used as the underlying asset for futures and options. A volatility index would play the same role as the market index play for options and futures on the index.

In 1986, Brenner and Galai proposed the creation of a series of volatility indices, beginning with an index on stock market volatility, and moving to interest rate and foreign exchange rate volatility to the American Stock Exchange. P 500 index over the following 30 days, as computed from options-based theory and current options-market data. The CBOE retained consultant Robert Whaley in 1992 to develop a tradable volatility instrument based on index option prices. Based on historical index option prices, Whaley computed a data series of retrospective daily VIX levels from January 1986 onward. CBOE began publish real-time VIX data in 1993.

As of February 24, 2006, it became possible to trade VIX options contracts. P 500 index over the next 30 days. P 500 variance over the next 30 calendar days. The VIX is quoted as an annualized standard deviation. The VIX replaced the older VXO as the preferred volatility index used by the media. Thus, a higher option price implies greater volatility, other things being equal.

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