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Please forward this error screen to 184. XDRs instead represent a claim to currency held by IMF member countries for which dts trading system cost may be exchanged. XDRs are allocated to countries by the IMF.

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Private parties do not hold or use them. The amount of XDRs in existence was around XDR 21. During the global financial crisis of 2009, an additional XDR 182. 6 billion were allocated to «provide liquidity to the global economic system and supplement member countries’ official reserves». By October 2014, the amount of XDRs in existence was XDR 204 billion.

The weights assigned to each currency in the XDR basket are adjusted to take into account their current prominence in terms of international trade and national foreign exchange reserves. Both refer to the name «special drawing rights». Intentionally innocuous and free of connotations because of disagreements over the nature of this new reserve asset during its creation, the name derives from a debate about its primary function—money or credit. Member countries receiving XDR allocations were required by the reconstitution provision of the XDR articles to hold a prescribed number of XDRs. If a state used any of its allotment, it was expected to rebuild its XDR holdings. As the reconstitution provisions were abrogated in 1981, the XDR now functions less like credit than previously.

Countries are still expected to maintain their XDR holdings at a certain level, but penalties for holding fewer than the allocated amount are now less onerous. The name may actually derive from an early proposal for IMF «reserve drawing rights». The word «reserve» was later replaced with «special» because the idea that the IMF was creating a foreign exchange reserve asset was contentious. After the collapse of that system in the early 1970s the SDR has taken on a less important role. The IMF itself calls the current role of the XDR «insignificant». XDRs, are unlikely to use them for any purpose. One reason XDRs may not see much use as foreign exchange reserve assets is that they must be exchanged into a currency before use.

IMF member countries, the IMF itself, and a select few organizations licensed to do so by the IMF. Basic functions of foreign exchange reserves, such as market intervention and liquidity provision, as well as some less prosaic ones, such as maintaining export competitiveness via favorable exchange rates, cannot be accomplished directly using XDRs. This fact has led the IMF to label the XDR as an «imperfect reserve asset». Another reason they may see little use is that the number of XDRs in existence is relatively few. XDRs, because of their small number, may be perceived to be an illiquid asset.

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The IMF says, «expanding the volume of official XDRs is a prerequisite for them to play a more meaningful role as a substitute reserve asset. The XDR comes to prominence when the U. This usually manifests itself as an allocation of XDRs to IMF member countries. One of its first roles was to alleviate an expected shortfall of U. Soon after XDR allocations began, the United States reversed its former policy and provided sufficient liquidity. In the process a potential role for the XDR was removed. During this first round of allocations, 9.

3 billion XDRs were distributed to IMF member countries. The XDR resurfaced in 1978 when many countries were wary of taking on more foreign exchange reserve assets denominated in U. This suspicion of the dollar precipitated an allocation of 12 billion XDRs over a period of four years. During this time China, a country with large holdings of U. XDR to «fully satisfy the member countries’ demand for a reserve currency.

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