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Equifax execs sold shares before the hack was announced — but was it insider trading? Did Equifax executives engage in insider trading when they sold thousands of shares last month? It envelope stock trading on what they knew, and when they knew it.

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Did Equifax executives engage in insider trading when they sold thousands of company shares in the days after the credit bureau discovered a massive security breach? Did three Equifax executives, including the chief financial officer, engage in insider trading when they sold thousands of shares in the days after the company discovered a massive security breach? The credit bureau has publicly stated the executives were unaware of the hack at the time of the sales, but the size of breach and timing of the trades has nonetheless stirred suspicion. Sometime in May, hackers gained access to names, social security numbers and other information on up to 143 million U. Information Solutions business unit, sold 4,000 shares. On Thursday, weeks later, Equifax publicly announced the hack, sparking a flurry of bad headlines and a selloff of the company’s stock. 275,000 less than they did last month.

In each case, the shares sold represent a small part of the executives’ holdings. Each of the men still owns about 40,000 shares of Equifax stock, according to the filings. And all three had sold Equifax stock before. Gamble, who has been with the company since 2014, sold 14,000 shares in May, his first reported sale. Ploder and Loughran have each made a half-dozen sales over the past few years.