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Please forward this error screen to 69. The model attribute that this field is associated with. Whether to enable AJAX-based data validation. Whether to enable client-side data validation. The default options for the error tags. The form that this field is associated with.

The default options for the hint tags. The default options for the input tags. The default options for the label tags. The data model that this field is associated with. The template that is used to arrange the label, the input field, the error message and the hint text.

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Whether to perform validation when the input field loses focus. Whether to perform validation when the value of the input field is changed. Whether to perform validation while the user is typing in the input field. Calls the named method which is not a class method. This method is called after the object is created by cloning an existing one. Returns the value of a component property. Checks if a property is set, i.

Sets the value of a component property. PHP magic method that returns the string representation of this object. Sets a component property to be null. Attaches a behavior to this component.

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