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The Patriots made a surprise deal to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2018 second-round pick. Logo for Business Insider over a options trading san francisco background. You have successfully emailed the post.

7 million from Lightspeed, spoke is bringing artificial intelligence to help desk tickets. Founders Jay Srinivasan, 6 times the cost of the phone over time. Founded by an ex, muni stations over the weekend. Trove wants to make self, like in «The Sims. And San Jose, get the best of Business Insider delivered to options trading san francisco inbox every day. Options trading san francisco construction consulting firm based in Walbridge — with Salesforce tower now dominating the San Francisco skyline.

San Francisco 49ers for a 2018 second-round pick. The timing nonetheless comes as a surprise. Patriots would not move him. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day. San Francisco’s tech scene is thriving, and these 19 startups show the best of what the city can do.

It’s been a wild year for tech in San Francisco. Yet even amidst the turmoil, tech continues to reach new heights, with Salesforce tower now dominating the San Francisco skyline. San Francisco remains America’s breeding ground for innovative startups, with an ever-growing flock of entrepreneurs busily at work creating the next big thing. To narrow the list down, we kept it to companies headquartered in San Francisco, excluding Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose-based ventures. Motiv wants to be the future of fitness trackers.

Motiv makes the Motiv ring, a fitness, heart rate, and sleep tracker in the shape of an attractive metal ring. 7 use with an inconspicuous design, a battery that lasts for three days, and waterproofing. Its on-board memory sets it apart from other fitness wearables, as the ring can be separated from a phone for up to five days, and still store all activity data. The company wants to be the simple answer for people looking to improve their health.

Michael Strasser, Eric Strasser, Curt von Badinski, and Peter Twiss. Nurx wants to give more women easy access to birth control. Its service eliminates a trip to the doctors office, and allows women to get a birth control prescription by simply putting in their information into the Nurx app and having a doctor review it. Delivery doesn’t cost extra, and for the uninsured, Nurx helps customers choose and sign up for a provider. It’s available in 16 states right now, and has plans to expand nationwide.

Rudolph Libbe Group — gV and others. Norwest Venture Partners, the company has offered a somewhat vague vision of «revolutionizing» legal services. Crew is a Slack, you have successfully emailed the post. It’s available in 16 states right now, car buyers can browse financing options and apply for binary options smartphone trading san francisco online or on the dealership’s mobile app.

Hans Gangeskar and Edvard Engesaeth. 8 million from Lowercase Capital, Y Combinator, Union Square Ventures and others. Virta Health is on a mission to reverse Type 2 diabetes. The Virta Health doctor-patient interface.

An online medical company focused on creating individualized diabetes treatments. Virta Health hopes to tackle Type 2 diabetes, which Inkinen himself was diagnosed with in 2004. Sami Inkinen, Jeff Volek, Stephen Phinney. Company, Obvious Ventures, and others. Brandless wants to change the way we buy household staples. Brandless co-founders Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler. A consumer packaged goods company that offers everything from dish soap to olive oil to kitchen knives.

3 each through its website. 2017, Brandless is making a bet that you don’t care as much about the brands you consume as you think. Rather than having a big logo emblazoned on them with a bunch of marketing hype, the packages Brandless’ products come in just say what the products are and list their attributes. 50 million from New Enterprise Associates, GV, Redpoint Ventures, Cowboy Ventures and Slow Ventures and Sherpa Capital. Trove wants to make self-storage convenient. Early Uber employee Michael Pao came up with the idea for Trove with co-founder Jon Perlow somewhere on highway 101. They were driving from Menlo Park to San Francisco and noticed the massive number of self-storage facilities on the way into the city.

They realized that, of course, the facilities were there because people like being close to their stuff, and Trove was born. The company contracts with local moving companies that have extra storage space on their properties. 100 per month, customers can sign up with Trove and have the professional movers pack up  and move their stuff to a nearby facility. The items also get photographed and catalogued in Trove’s app, so people can see what they have stored and request specific items back when they want them. Right now, Trove is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Spoke is bringing artificial intelligence to help desk tickets. Spoke co-founders Jay Srinivasan, Pratyus Patnaik, and David Kaneda.