Virgin group diversification strategy

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Airline diversification may not always present the best option financially. Strategic value and factors may outweigh short-medium term financial concerns. Individual business units were found to have variable prospects. The airline industry is a diverse sector, requiring the support of a varied range of ancillary businesses such as maintenance, catering and travel agencies to carry out virgin group diversification strategy activities.

Many of these supporting businesses demonstrate the potential to drive wider profit margins despite generating lower revenues than the airlines themselves, making them attractive investment opportunities in a sector prone to volatile and often lacklustre trading. This study investigates two of the largest diversified airline groups, Germany’s Lufthansa Group and Dubai’s Emirates Group, each adopting a distinct approach towards diversification that may serve as a model for airline groups worldwide. The areas investigated were Cargo, Maintenance, Catering and Travel Services. The research found that whilst diversification may not always present the most attractive option financially, strategic factors can often outweigh such concerns.

Maintenance, which for airlines, is likely to see decline. The pursuit of third party revenue streams to offset weak internal trading and growth in competencies were found to be the key drivers of success. Interplay between segments was also apparent, showing that a well-organised diversification strategy can achieve robust cross-functional benefits and deliver significant value to the parent organisation. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. The Virgin Group Founded by entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson and Nik Powell, Virgin group is a British Multinational Corporation with net worth estimated to be over 6 billion Euros. Founded by entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson and Nik Powell, Virgin group is a British Multinational Corporation with net worth estimated to be over 6 billion Euros. The huge business empire that makes up Virgin investment group consists of over 400 operations, a tangled web of businesses owned by a complicated series of offshore trusts and overseas holding companies.

Few of the companies in Branson’s empire are completely owned by Sir Richard Branson while some other big branded firms such as Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Money etc. By establishing partnership and joint ventures with cash rich allies, Branson has been successful in new businesses without depleting the group’s reserves and spending little to establish new ventures in sectors like mobile telecom. Branded revenue that comes from companies that bear the virgin name is over 13 billion Euros and Branson himself is worth over 3 billion Euros. The founders named the group Virgin as they were novices in the business world.

Starting with a student magazine, Branson then ventured into the world of pop music and set up Virgin records. In 1984, Branson diversified leasing his first airline thus giving birth to what is now Virgin Atlantic. In the early 90s, British airways launched many so called dirty trick campaigns against virgin which lead to Branson suing BA for libel, BA was forced to settle issues out of court and was forced to pay substantial damages. Singapore airlines for more than 600 million Euros. By 2006, Virgin Media was established that today competes with companies such as Sky and BT in entertainment, phone and broadband businesses. There were many flop ventures too like Virgin Brides, Virgin Colas and Virgin Cosmetics. Branson made a lot of money when he sold his Virgin Music for 560 million Euros to EMI.

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The core strength of Virgin Group has been unrelated diversification. According to the company, the time to get into a new business is when others are having a bad time. The company is into various businesses like Virgin media, Virgin Trains, Virgin Active, Virgin money, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays to name a few and all these businesses are completely different from one another. With such a brand image, all the businesses that Virgin ventured into became an instant success. Its most profitable business continues to be the Virgin records.

Therefore, they stepped into other businesses along with bringing innovation, fun and customer service as its core strength. The ability to use competitive strength from one businesses and using it to promote new business ventures of the company is its core competency. Unrelated diversification may have certain negatives as well, such as losing the brand image. As and when the company goes into unrelated businesses, it may result in dilution of its brand image, which may become a hindrance in its growth. However, it wasn’t so for Virgin as it continued to enjoy fun element associated with the brand. The strategy of disruptive innovation by the group, as it happened in case of rails, is also the key to the success of its businesses. The CEO was attracted to the markets where there was lack of innovation and underserved customers and so he used to come up with unrelated businesses for these sectors.

All these things were a major factor for the success of the Virgin Group despite unrelated diversification. The brand has been recognized by majority of UK consumers and is associated among the consumers with fun, innovation, success and trust. The group has been able to sustain the Virgin identity across multiple businesses in a way that very few competitors have. This pervasiveness of the Virgin brand creates unique brand equity that is extremely difficult for competitors to replicate. This strategy involves unrelated diversification at the individual business unit level. Meanwhile, the synergies are supposed to be created from hierarchical relationships and the interaction of the corporate office with individual business units. By leveraging on the omnipresent Virgin Brand, which has an established presence in the minds of consumers, Virgin as a group is able to enter new business areas with a bang and shake up existing orders.

The decentralization of organizational structure and decision making nurtures an entrepreneurial environment, for managers to pursue their businesses effectively, while avoiding the hurdles often associated with a bureaucracy. Simultaneously, the individual business units benefit from the world-wide reputation of the parent Virgin brand and are able to utilize this brand in their marketing efforts. This unique benefit of corporate parenting would not be available to units if they were to operate under their own subsidiary brands. Virgin has been quite remarkable in dealing with the potential pitfalls of autonomy and decentralization. To prevent the breakdown of communication channels and individual units pursuing their own strategies in an uncoordinated fashion, the Virgin Charter sets out a management system and internet business strategy that takes advantage of IT and the digital solutions to further establish the Virgin brand. Virgin services under a unified portal.

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