What currency is used as the international standard for trading

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Access free live rates, currency tools, and market analysis using the most accurate data. We show currencies based on your location. The dollar lost some ground overall in N. Access premium XE Services like Rate Alerts. Please forward this error screen to md-in-19. World Currency Symbol page, is a list of symbols used in everyday life to denote that a number is a monetary value. This list is constantly under development and we rely on input from users like you to keep it as complete and accurate as possible.

Standard dollar sign is generally used to signify peso amounts. Same symbol as JPY Japan Yen. This symbol is composed of two sequential characters: a lower case «k» followed by a lower case «r». Standard dollar sign is generally used. Introduced July 2010 — no font information available at this time. Same symbol as CNY China Yuan Renminbi. Introduced March 2012 — no font information available at this time.

If you have both fonts installed, you may notice that the symbols vary slightly in design from one font to another. To install the Code2000 font, use the link above to download it and save it somewhere on your computer. The only font we know of that contains all symbols is the Code2000 shareware font by James Kass. We therefore recommend that you download and install the Code2000 font. Once the Code2000 font is installed, you can begin using the symbols in your documents. Ensure that you have Code2000 downloaded and installed. Start a new document Microsoft Word, or open an existing Word document into which you wish to place the currency symbol.

Select the Code2000 font, and then click OK. A new window will open up called Symbol. Look up the Unicode: Hex code from the above table, enter it in the Character Code field, and click Insert. The symbol will now be in your Word document. Once you have a currency symbol inserted in your document in the Code2000 font, you can check to see if the symbol is available in other fonts.

Just highlight the currency symbol and then change the font. If the symbol is not supported, it will disappear or be replaced by a hollow box. If this happens, just try another font, or go back to Code2000. If you want to send a document with a special currency symbol to someone else, then they will need to have the font for that symbol on their computer as well.

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