Chloroquine brands in india

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    Chloroquine brands in india

    It prevents the growth of parasites in the red blood cells. Medical Condition Contraindications Side effects Dosage Warning Substitutes Price Details Medindia currently has information on 3080 generic drugs and 110,056 brands that have their prices listed.

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    Chloroquine brands in India - Arquin from Agron Remedies, Bitaquine from Bombay Tablet, C-Quin from Ikon, Cadiquin from Zy. Generic drug Chloroquine combination available with manufacturer details. Click on the desired brand to find out the drug price or cost of the drug. This cost may sometimes vary depending on the. Chloroquine brands in India Arquin Bitaquine C-Quin Cadiquin Chlorolex Chloroquine Clokit Clokit Junior Cloquin Cloquin-DS E-Mal E-Vivax Emquin Emquin-DS Falciquin Hydrocad Idiquin Ingaquine Jagquin La-Quin Lariago Lariago INJ Lariago-DS Larigo Larover Malaquin Maliago Maligon Malijet Malswift Melubrin Neoquine Nivaquine-P Paraquin Premoquin Quinex Quinowin Quinross Radiquin Radiquin-DS Resochin Rimoquin-DS Rosq Sequin UV-Lube Unims Winflam Winmal C

    Please do write to us ([email protected]) if a drug is missing from our comprehensive drug price list. New drugs with their prices are listed as and when they get approved by the drug controller.

    Chloroquine brands in india

    Chloroquine Phosphate - Manufacturers & Suppliers in India, Chloroquine combination Price of 5 Brands / Trade Names.

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  7. Hydroxy-chloroquine brands in India - Arthoquin from Acekinetic, Hcqs from IPCA, Hqtor from Torrent Vista, Hydrocad from Cadila Vibra, Hydroquin from Sun, Mcqs from Molekule, Oxcq from Wallace Rivella, Oxy-Q from Daffohils Pharma, Rhq from Abbott, Winflam from Micro HC, Zy-Q from Zy.

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    Chloroquine - Trade Names Aablaquin Amoquin Amoquin 250 mg Antima Apaquine Arquin Arquin 450 ml Arquin 60 ml Bitaquine Bitaquine 10ml Bitaquine 30 ml Bitaquine 5 ml Bitaquine. Brand names of hydroxychloroquine include Plaquenil, Hydroquin, Axemal in India, Dolquine, Quensyl, Quinoric. Research. Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have been recommended by Chinese and South Korean health authorities for the treatment COVID-19. Compositions Chloroquine phos 1g in orange tab/500mg each of pink tabs, kit, Chloroquine phosphate 750mg in 1 pink tab/375mg in each of 3 yellow tabs. kit- CLO-KIT JUNIOR,

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    Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) belongs to a group of medicines called quinolines. Rx Side Effects New Plaquenil Guidelines and More. Hydroxychloroquine DermNet NZ Hydroxychloroquine sulfate Pill Images - What does.
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    Terbinafine tablets uses, dosage and side effects Terbinafine tablets are prescribed to treat fungal nail infections and fungal skin infections, such as ringworm tinea corporis, jock itch tinea cruris and athlete's foot tinea pedis.

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