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Can tamoxifen cause back pain

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    Can tamoxifen cause back pain

    I would like to tell this story because it may help someone else but also I am interested in the opinon of others. I have always had yearly mammos and smear tests, all negative. Seven years ago I had severe breast pain, it even hurt to walk, the pain so bad I would cry. I saw several doctors to ask for help, some suggested I take an aspirin others surgery and removal of my ovaries but no one told me the cause. I was at my witsend and a friend recomended a well known gynaecologist in Madrid. Stephan and I left at 5 am one morning to take the train and meet with him, he asked for my latest mammo and results of a hormone blood test. The results of my blood test proved my estrogen levels were very high and according to the doctor this was the cause of my breast pain. amoxil 500 mg dosage This medication is used to: treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body in men and women. I am sure your oncologist must be following you if its only been 2 yrs since you had radiation. Prostate cancers are generally amenable to radiation treatments and pts do very well. Treat early breast cancer in women who have already been treated with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. So check with your rad, oncologist ; an orthopod, as early DX means early treatment. Reduce the risk of developing a more serious type of breast cancer in women who have had ductal carcinoma in situ (dcis; a type of breast cancer This. A scapula is a very odd bone for a primary tumor, and also odd for something traveled to that bone, but it does no get bone spurs. However, it is more likely to be from some other place: lung, breast (w), prostate (m)... You should be evaluated for a rheumatologic condition like arthritis. Get a routine panel of blood tests and x rays, then more detailed tests depending on the outcome. Depending the cause, extent of disease, and location, radiation can reduce bone pain in 70% of patients treated. Read more See 1 more doctor answer It can if you have a stress fracture due to overuse. Radiation therapy is an effective means of relieving bone pain. You are young and should look into why you have low bone density.

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    Lower back or side pain noisy, rattling breathing pain in the back, ribs, arms, or legs painful or difficult urination pale skin rapid weight gain rapid, shallow breathing stopping of menstrual bleeding tightness in the chest tingling of the hands or feet troubled breathing at rest troubled breathing with exertion doxycycline for purchase Topic Tamoxifen and back pain Topic Tamoxifen and back pain Forum Hormonal Therapy - Before, During, and After —. That could be a cause of the back pain. I have been on Tamoxifen for 21/2 years in April- may of this year I started having back pain,my primary ordered a mri and it was negative for anything related to the BC,on June 1st I stopped taking the drug because I was having Knee replacement on June 15th,the pain went away,I started taking the drug again on Oct 1 and by the 15th the.

    I am nearing the one year mark of the cancer diagnosis. Following a masectomy and 6 rounds of chemo,( taxotere and cytoxan followed by Neulasta injections), I am left with incredible bone pain. I think it's entirely possible that the pain is from the Tamoxifen. The worst pain is in my hip, although I've been told it's actually the pelvic bone. The oncologist sent me to the rheumatologist who sent me back to the oncologist and so on!! i am trying not to take any more meds than required (worried about liver function). I am trying to find someone out there with this predicament and possibly a solution, or maybe we can find one together. What has helped me to some degree is heat and ice, stretching, and sleeping with extra pillows. I am on large amounts of Vicodin but I really don't think it's a good idea to take this for too long. Fortunately/unfortunately I know too many people with cancer, and they all complained of some sort of "bone pain" issues. I sleep with a body pillow, KNEE SPACER, and six pillows. I am struggling with severe joint pain since I have started taking Tamoxifen. I am baffled by the fact that despite me finding various women with the same problem, joint pain is not a recognised side effect of Tamoxifen and my oncologist claims I am the only patient she knows who is complaining about this. Been to see a rheumatologist, who has excluded this being either due to rheumatism or arthritis. I have changed the medication from tablets to liquid Tamoxifen, because during my research I found a hint indicating that the problem has occurred since Tamoxifen was changed from patented to generic form, but so far I have not had much positive results form the change. Urte As you pointed out, joint pain is not commonly listed as an `official¿ side effect of tamoxifen. Diclofenac dulls the pain a little, but my walking range is still down to an hour, after that I am hopping lame as the pain is particularly affecting my feet.. But there are quite a few reports on patient in forums from women with this problem. There is no doubt that it can have an impact on their quality of life. I think it is fair to say that the tamoxifen may not always be the sole culprit.

    Can tamoxifen cause back pain

    Can Tamoxifen Cause Back Pain, Tamoxifen and back pain -., Breast Cancer Topic Tamoxifen and back pain

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  4. Read on to learn more about whether your back pain could be a sign of breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer can also cause these, more general symptoms. selective estrogen receptor modulators SERMs like tamoxifen Nolvadex.

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    Tamoxifen Does it Cause Severe Back Pain and Heart Disease - @kindfree - Advanced breast cancer. Tamoxifen and other AIs can definetly cause bones to ache. can you buy cialis at gnc Muscle pain is often accompanied by joint pain. Muscle pain can cause fatigue and can sometimes lead to. tamoxifen; targeted. new or increasing back pain; Can Tamoxifen cause fatigue, abdominal and back pain? I am 77 years old, have taken Tamoxifen for a little over 3 years and had a bi-lateral mastectomy. Submitted 7 years ago.

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